Monday, February 1, 2010

Interview with Debut Author A. M. Wells

Dyanne: A. M. Wells, congratulations on your upcoming debut release with Red Rose publishing. By now the RSJ family has become acquainted with your name from the Destination Romance trailer. Very nice job by the way. But what I wanted to ask you was about your writing career. How long have you been writing?

A.M. Wells: Thank you, Dyanne. Let me start by giving a shout out to all the readers and fellow writers, who have responded with such enthusiasm to news of my upcoming debut release, Susanna’s Heart. Your sincere good wishes have touched me deeply.
I’ve been writing for three years now. You could say, I’m a late bloomer.

Dyanne: LOL. Have you always dreamed of being an author?

A.M. Wells. : To be honest with you, Dyanne, no. My dream was to study art and become a painter, but real life didn’t turn out that way. In addition to writing, I have also recently begun to sketch and draw again.
I do love being a writer. The process of taking words and images that form in my mind’s eye then transforming that into dialogue and written text on the page, it’s a gift that I’m truly thankful for. However , Dyanne, I must tell you this, I’m more excited and at the same time nervous as to the reception the finished story will receive from the readers. To me, their reaction will be the true measure of the book’s success.

Dyanne: As a first time author can you tell us how you felt to get the proverbial call, letter/email?

A.M. Wells: Well, Dyanne, I read the email twice before the message sunk in. My heart literally stopped, I couldn’t breathe or speak for several seconds as I stared at the email on the screen.

Dyanne: Tell us a little bit about your other life, the non-writing part.

A.M. Wells: Average, just average, I’m a wife, mother of three grown children. In my every day life I work in computer/hardware and software support. I also design and maintain websites.

Dyanne: As a new author sorry but I have to subject you to some of my crazy questions, same as I’ve done to the ones who’ve been around for awhile. If you could write yourself into a heroine what time period would it be?

A.M. Wells: The present, Dyanne. As a woman of color I find that the possibilities are limitless as to where one can go and what you can aspire to be. I’m proud of my heritage, but hey let’s be real here, there was nothing particularly glamorous or romantic about all that our forbearer went through. I’ve lived long enough to know that the here and now suites me just fine.

Dyanne: A.M. Wells, thank you sharing your time and letting the RSJ family know a little more about you. Is there anyplace that our readers can get more acquainted with you?

A.M. Wells: Yes, readers can contact me via email at or visit my blog at I’m also on Facebook, Twitter and Multiply. I look forward to hearing from each of you.
It was my pleasure, Dyanne, thanks for inviting me.

That’s it for this month. Once again I’m looking for authors, and readers who are not to bashful to talk.

Authors: Don’t forget to send us titles of books that you’re putting out. We’re doing it up big in many areas. Allow us to applaud you. Better yet, give the family a chance to fall in love with your characters. Who knows, maybe next year I’ll be congratulating you for being an Emma nominee

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone

Dyanne Davis


Isis™ said...

Great interview. Wishing you many sales. Love your drawing.


Nana said...

Congrats on the sale and the great interview!


A.M. Wells said...

Thank you, Ladies.

IR LOVER said...

Great Interview. Congrats~

Chaeya said...

Yes, congratulations on your new release and for your interview. I wish you many sales and many books by you in the future.


A.M. Wells said...

Thanks you, Stephanie and Chaeya.

cinquetta said...

Great job and congratulation on your upcoming book. Way to go girl...yeah!!!!!!

A.M. Wells said...

Cinquetta, Thank you.

Angela Kay Austin said...

Congrats on everything, and welcome to the RRP family. Your trailer is gorgeous, and if it's any testament to what you can do, I can't wait to read the book.

A.M. Wells said...

Angela, Thank you and congratulations to you too on your upcoming release.